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all- framed up.

frames galore. they cover our walls and clutter our tables. frames are not just to hold our photos or art anymore, but they create and form art on their own. explore the possibilities.… Continue reading

a touch of tassel.

from the latin word “tassau”- meaning clasp /neck of a garment, tassels are made by binding gathered threads, a body usually made up of one or more moulds, and a suspending cord. for… Continue reading


last may, sifra home accessories store opened a new home at LRI plaza. the store concept transcends from their usual accessory-packed asian+modern theme to a much “prettier” and chicer look. feast your eyes… Continue reading

…black & white mode

the  B&W black and white store is one of the newer furniture stores in manila. it’s clean-lined pieces evoke sleek and bold contemporary goodness that most people clamor for these days. one will… Continue reading

…holey macrames and crochets, why knot.

macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to form patterns for great visual effect. the end result is heavy looking and a bit bulgy as it is comprised of  series of knots.… Continue reading

…in love with louis.

one look and it seems this transparent furniture can only connect to  ultra modern interiors. but truthfully, it’s one of the most flexible chairs that can make any corner of your space instantly… Continue reading

..philippe starck bonze head stool for less.

the bonze head stool was designed by philippe starck for XO and was launched in 2006. the ceramic stools painted in gold, platinum, red and black are  statement pieces that can complement any… Continue reading

..the beach life at costa del sur part 3

more finds at costa del sur. + resin lamps. + beaded table lamp stands. . + bamboo inspired light posts. + light box. will give full focal to an art piece or sculpture… Continue reading

..the beach life at costa del sur part 2

+ i love the powder room/toilet concept. + they sell the sink bowls too. + natural finished wood + natural stone sinks + natural stones + silver fish plates. + dining setting. +… Continue reading

..the beach life at costa del sur.

where am i? looks like a secret colorful beach paradise inside the depot. the overall distressed, dull-finished interiors of costa del sur shop make a dull canvass perfect for their bright colored pieces.… Continue reading

..spin like a top

reminds me of a toy top. simply ingenious! “Spun came out of research into the geometric simplification of a familiar object type. Could a completely rotationally symmetrical form make a comfortable chair? Developed… Continue reading

..pretty finds at la brea living.

when i first saw this shop, i was too intimidated and turned off overwhelmed by the humungous pink lounge chairs set up by the front door that we didn’t bother to look inside.… Continue reading

..i want a peacock chair.

for some reason, i always have associated the peacock chair to beauty pageants. peacocks are known to fan out their colorful feathers to attract the females. for furniture,  it flaunts grandeur and is… Continue reading

..more options at IDO furniture store.

with three floors full of furniture and accessories, you won’t get short of options at IDO furniture store. + chair bench will be great to use on the porch or foyer. the bird… Continue reading

..dress your nest at Nest.

nest is a furniture and accessory haven seated at  40 Jupiter st. corner paseo de roxas, Bel-air Makati City. they have contemporary pieces fit for the modern home and also accents in playful… Continue reading

..Lemon drops

yellow is the color of happiness, optimism and everything sunshine. it is also said to be mentally stimulating and can bring out creative thoughts. when intense and used too much, it can provoke… Continue reading

..damask and colors.

what’s not to love about patterns. it’s a feast on our eyes, challenging our vision. just like colors, it affects a persons’ state of mind. flowers make one feel feminine , while polka… Continue reading

..when interior design marrys fashion design.

+ jake phipps hat pendant lamps + proenza schouler campaign + natuzzi savoy black leather sofa Being exposed to the best of the two worlds, i witnessed interior design and fashion design constantly… Continue reading