..the beach life at costa del sur.

where am i?

looks like a secret colorful beach paradise inside the depot.

the overall distressed, dull-finished interiors of costa del sur shop make a dull canvass perfect for their

bright colored pieces.

+ show window: the exotic artwork reminds me of beyonce.

+ distressed wood paneled walls + distressed finished wood furniture + bare cement flooring +

bright pink and white lamp + bright pink pillow.

+i love the curvy floor lamp stand. i think a plain shade would make it perfect! it sells for php 20,000 plus.

+ chic, exotic artworks.

+ at the loft: you’ll discover more finds!

distressed wood paneled walls +distressed wood flooring + splashes of bright accessories.

+ i love the soft-looking but intense-colored poufs and round floor beds.

they make good pieces for a chic sitting room or play room. or for sosyal pets 🙂

+ buddha lamp atop a wooden box changes to different bright hues. selling at php3,900.

this concept shop deserves a slot at greenbelt or maybe on a secret nook along the side streets of makati. 🙂

costa del sur

mc home depot- fort bonifacio, inc.

all photos by geisha.Geek ❤