..i want a peacock chair.

for some reason, i always have associated the peacock chair to beauty pageants.

peacocks are known to fan out their colorful feathers to attract the females.

for furniture,  it flaunts grandeur and is very regal. it exudes sophistication and beauty like that of a queen.

+ i like the nostalgia it brings.

+ i adore the styling of this shoot for designer  fleur wood !!!! chic and nostalgic! tea party elegance like no other.

+ note the pastel colorful chairs.

+ so chic! makes me want to eat a cake in style.

+ sienna miller for GQ 09.2009 magazine shoot

+ same chair design but with colorful pillows.

+ black and white photo by Patrick-Demarchelier

+ peacock against wallpapered wall.

+ boho chic.

+ british designer Matthew Williamson’s apartment via domino magazine 09.2008

i want one for an office chair.

+ i found one in natural finish at the new Kish store selling for p13,500.00.

kish- 233 nicanor garcia street bel air, makati city, tel.no 896.83.66