Monthly Archive: July, 2011

all- framed up.

frames galore. they cover our walls and clutter our tables. frames are not just to hold our photos or art anymore, but they create and form art on their own. explore the possibilities.… Continue reading

tassel away.

tassels in your closet. once common on your curtains, often only worn by graduates on their caps or  burlesques to tip their nips. now it makes a classy accessory that indeed makes a… Continue reading

a touch of tassel.

from the latin word “tassau”- meaning clasp /neck of a garment, tassels are made by binding gathered threads, a body usually made up of one or more moulds, and a suspending cord. for… Continue reading

…lost and then found.

artwork and doodles by geisha.Geek ❤


last may, sifra home accessories store opened a new home at LRI plaza. the store concept transcends from their usual accessory-packed asian+modern theme to a much “prettier” and chicer look. feast your eyes… Continue reading

…black & white mode

the  B&W black and white store is one of the newer furniture stores in manila. it’s clean-lined pieces evoke sleek and bold contemporary goodness that most people clamor for these days. one will… Continue reading

…holey macrames and crochets, why knot.

macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to form patterns for great visual effect. the end result is heavy looking and a bit bulgy as it is comprised of  series of knots.… Continue reading

…in love with louis.

one look and it seems this transparent furniture can only connect to  ultra modern interiors. but truthfully, it’s one of the most flexible chairs that can make any corner of your space instantly… Continue reading