…holey macrames and crochets, why knot.

macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to form patterns for great visual effect.

the end result is heavy looking and a bit bulgy as it is comprised of  series of knots.

crochet is made of  loops of yarn using a single-hooked needle.

it’s finer in result than the macrame, but not as intricate as the lace.

back then, i used to see these only on table centers or as a beach wear,  but <k>not anymore!

+ emilio pucci ss11 crochet maxi dress.  leaving very little to the imagination,

i like that it’s made with long sleeves as it offsets the sheerness of everything else!

+ ferragamo  ss11 corchet dress.

+ malandrino ss11 macrame accessories.

+ malandrino ss11 white crochet dress.  i want to own this dress!

+ malandrino ss11 black leather top + macrame detail.

+ malandrino ss11 white top with crochet detail.

+ gucci ss11 macrame tunic.

+ museumclothing scarlett lace  cape.

via museumclothing.multiply.com

+ dior ss11 macrame skirt.

+  julien macdonald ss11 macrame dress.

+ ferragamo ss 11 crochet dress + bag.

+ emilio pucci ss11 black crochet dress.

+ jen kao ss11 macrame dress.

+ malandrino ss11  macrame sandals.

+ aldo krugh crochet + leather shoes.

via aldo.com

via wildrosevintage.

 via francesca and florence.

via the purl bee.

via property furniture.

+ crochet table runner.

+ kenneth cobonpue dragnet chair.

like macrame, it’s of a  knotting technique that wraps fabric

around a galvanized-steel frame.

via kennethcobonpue.com