..damask and colors.

what’s not to love about patterns.

it’s a feast on our eyes, challenging our vision. just like colors, it affects a persons’ state of mind.

flowers make one feel feminine , while polka dots is whimsical and gives a feeling of lightness.

Obviously the most overused pattern nowadays, Damask remains to exude elegance and glamour to me.

– Fashion: Centuries ago it was popular for ladies and menswear, but only to the wealthy, who can afford such rich fabric as it was woven with metallic gold threads.

– Interiors: Today, with its’ modernized look, most are backed with a more solid color and with poppy hues. it has been included on most interior spaces with modern furniture settings clamoring for an added glamorous appeal . from wallpapers to napkins to name it.

– bright colors are in season now. enough already of the overused black+white please! my favorites are the lime green and lemon yellow.

– the blue and the white combination has an oriental vibe that i find very appealing and classy.


– i saw this at the show window of interior design options furniture showroom recently.

the plywood panel was painted black and newspapers neatly cut out formed the ornate pattern.

it’ll be a good alternative if you have a tight budget and a lot of free time.

try it using chinese newspapers!

– if you have no time and more budget , you can get this financial newspaper digital wallpaper online too.


– isn’t this a beauty? especially when lighted,

this joan hoad designed partition is fluid yet looking very intricate.


– if you don’t want to drown of patterns around your room,

you can let your door shine.

– modern damask-inspired dress by museumclothing.