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To all my fellow indecisive dressers and shoppers alike, here’s a style app for you.

With the new fashion app “PICK MY STYLE”, the world becomes your style advisor. How does this outfit look? Which shoes are better? Is this bag worth buying? These are classic questions many… Continue reading

tassel away.

tassels in your closet. once common on your curtains, often only worn by graduates on their caps or  burlesques to tip their nips. now it makes a classy accessory that indeed makes a… Continue reading

…holey macrames and crochets, why knot.

macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to form patterns for great visual effect. the end result is heavy looking and a bit bulgy as it is comprised of  series of knots.… Continue reading

…lemon squeeze

3.1 phillip Lim – sequinned Shorts – mila one shoulder mesh toped hardy – la mer yellow heels  summer platform heidi mottram-  pin tuck oversized clutch byanka-  yellow striped large stone… Continue reading

..i want a peacock chair.

for some reason, i always have associated the peacock chair to beauty pageants. peacocks are known to fan out their colorful feathers to attract the females. for furniture,  it flaunts grandeur and is… Continue reading

..damask and colors.

what’s not to love about patterns. it’s a feast on our eyes, challenging our vision. just like colors, it affects a persons’ state of mind. flowers make one feel feminine , while polka… Continue reading

..when interior design marrys fashion design.

+ jake phipps hat pendant lamps + proenza schouler campaign + natuzzi savoy black leather sofa Being exposed to the best of the two worlds, i witnessed interior design and fashion design constantly… Continue reading