a touch of tassel.

from the latin word “tassau”- meaning clasp /neck of a garment, tassels are made by binding gathered threads,

a body usually made up of one or more moulds, and a suspending cord.

for centuries, tassels were widely used and has evolved into variations in many cultures around the globe.

this finishing ornament continues to adorn pillows, curtains, and other home accessories.

here are other cool ideas.

1-3. white cut- out pendant lamp with tassel with azcor lighting + white roses.

4. diy candles and tassels.  white candles  from department store + white tassels from carolinas.

5. oriental candles with tassels from rustans dept. store

6-7. color block trinket box with tassel from apostrophe.

8. oversized tassels with silver plated ornament, and mother of pearl ornament from firma.

9. trinket boxes with colored tassels from apostrophe.

+ azcor lighting


+ apostrophe boutique

glorietta 4  mall, makati city

+ firma