To all my fellow indecisive dressers and shoppers alike, here’s a style app for you.

With the new fashion app “PICK MY STYLE”, the world becomes your style advisor.

How does this outfit look? Which shoes are better? Is this bag worth buying? These are classic questions many of us face everyday (guilty!). Pick My STYLE is a heaven sent app that makes answering these questions exciting and more fun than ever.

We all have moments of indecisiveness (like everyday), wherein we could use an honest opinion. While many people turn to a friend’s advice, there’s always those times when no one’s around to lend you a hand. Pick My STYLE presents a solution to this concern, only better as it will give you straight forward, unbiased and unified feedback from a community of real users. Smart right?Screenshot_2016-01-08-13-41-18

Not sure if the outfit looks good (deja vu?)? Post it and get instant style feedback. Can’t decide what to buy between 2 pairs of shoes (doesn’t this happen to us all the time?)? The “VS” versus tool feature in the app can make it easier. Post images of the 2 styles, and let the community answer your style survey. Whether it’s an outfit, fashion item or trend, your style doubts will be put to rest as you get the real style pulse! it’s a time saver, money saver, and your personal stylist on the go!Screenshot_2015-12-23-15-00-06

Browsing their style feed is just as inspiring as looking through a fashion look book or magazine, but with the fun of voting on other user’s styles (yes you can give your opinion too), and added bonus of already knowing which styles actually rate better. Amazingly cool.Screenshot_2016-01-08-13-28-55

Pick My Style is available for download at the

Apple’s Itunes Store:

Google Play Store :

Happy picking!!! ❤